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ジョージ・エティネ・ダハメル | フランス


Here you can find some stories that may inspire you: a role of leadership, message from a once-marginalized person, and others.

2015. 01. 12 | 東京 | 日本

当該の記事は、日本におけるフィリピン人移民、とくに女性の社会的地位と立場について触れながら、エンターテイナーとして出稼ぎにきたフィリピン女性の社会的・経済的自立を支援するSEELSのマイクロフランチャイズ・モデル、「英会話学校」や「国際幼児保育所」事業が紹介され、最近開催されたトレーニング・ワークショップの内容が具体例として取り上げられています。代表取締役のセサール・サントヨ氏は、記事の中で、アドボカシーの活動の一環として、トヨタ財団から助成を受けて作成されたビデオ、「Accept Us Maybe」を、従来の移民政策と移民への社会保障に対する提言として活用し、その効果に期待したいと述べています。

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Hirofumi Yokoi | Tokyo, Japan
At the site of an evacuation center in Tokyo, Filipino people attended memorial services and discos on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the tragic disaster which destroyed the north east (Tohoku) of Japan. More than 70 Filipino took a long, exhausting trip by bus from the disaster-hit Tohoku region and reunited their families and friends at a Catholic church, Tokyo, and shared their personal stories with one another in remembrance of the disaster.

The honorable Ambassador of the Philippines to Japan, Manuel Lopez, along with the officers at the embassy, also attended the ceremony to pray for the victims and their families of Japan earthquake and tsunami and danced with an encouraging song for them and the audience. Chris, a board member of Akira Foundation, and I was also invited to the event and met Cesar Santoyo, Executive Director of SEELS and Kathryn Doria Goto, Chairman of Hawak Kamay Fukushima, to share together some updates on the ongoing project of opening a first pre-school for children of Filipino migrants in Fukushima.
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