Become a Sponsor

You can support our work in any number of ways to help people, particularly the poor, marginalized, socially-excluded and underserved, increase their confidence and self-esteem by catalyzing innovative and entrepreneurial ideas and practices, and scaling them out for social change and impact across borders.

Our work at Akira Foundation, as well as its microfinance investment vehicle, Akira Social Ventures JLT (ASV), would not be possible without the generous contributions of and win-win relationships with organizations or individuals which share the value that we add to the projects and programs in microfinance, the Base of the Pyramid and social innovation.

Our sponsors, including corporations, allow us to continue to fund our social innovation scholarship programs and to develop and sustain projects related to social business, such as Microfinance Funds (ASV), Micro Tourism to the MENA region (ASV), and Social Enterprise English Language School (by Filipino migrants in Japan).

Most importantly, by working with Akira Foundation and/or Akira Social Ventures JLT, you, your company, or your organization will gain greater visibility, for instance through recognition and having your logo on Akira Foundation’s website and publications, within and without our community across industries, universities and borders from Japan and the East Asia to the Middle East and Africa.

If you would like to find out more about how you can sponsor our social innovation scholarship, microfinance and impact investment projects, and social enterprises, please feel free to contact us at