‘Inclusive Society’ represents our core value

We will relentlessly pursue the opportunities that embody this value by implementing and sustaining our social programs and enterprises. We established Akira Foundation with the attitudes and value of the "Four Fs": Foresight, fortitude, forward, and for others. These attitudes and value embody our continuous efforts to distill our mission, and act on them through every aspect of our lives. From the journey of becoming who we are, to the way forward to harmonizing with the wholeness, our dialogues, thoughts, and activities will not stop as long as there exists a person who is underserved, marginalized, and segregated but keeps hope for happiness and a future.
Vision & Mission

Social Bridge between Japan and Global Village


We believe an interconnected world will identify unsolved issues in the fields of health, environment, education, and welfare, empower each of us to eradicate social problems and build a society where we live together with hope.


We will seek to fill the gap of social entrepreneurship and innovation for social change between Japan and other countries, by catalyzing and sustaining creative, collective and cooperative development.


Akira Foundation was named in honor of our late father, Akira Yokoi. It is a non-religious and non-political charity, and fosters a meaningful ecosystem as professed in our tagline, “Social Bridge between Japan and Global Village.”


Our projects and solutions center on: social/economic issues, experiential learning, and foreign students (our 3 pillars.) These focuses are mutually inclusive and play integral parts in sustaining creative, collective and cooperative (3Cs) development in our global village.

Akira Foundation currently sponsors two charitable scholarship programs, one annual event and three social enterprises.

Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team


The Akira Foundation emblem epitomizes the concept, ‘make a difference’, which means a power of the social innovation representing a projection centered on Japan towards the future, brighter ‘Global Village’.

The emblem consists mainly of the two concentric circles: the smaller one symbolizing 'Japan' and the larger one 'Global Village'. In between these two circles, there are three arrows signifying a the a vital role that Akira Foundation would will play to promote exchanges of social innovation and educational development, between Japan and the rest of the world.